We develop solutions to efficiently manage mobile & decentralized workforces & act upon data in real-time

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Our Solutions

Akida a digital platform that enables Organisations to manage their mobile employees & act upon data in real time

Akida Overview

Mobile app for field staff

Check-in remotely
Complete surveys
Send general field reports
Receive notifications

Web platform for admin

Manage app users
Access real-time reports
Create & manage surveys
Send notifications

Insights for decision makers

Integrates with Power BI
Real-time & auto-updating data
Create customized project dashboards
View analytics & data visualizations

What Akida Can Do For You

Replace manual supervision

Mobile & decentralized employees
check-in from their smartphone

Gain data & insights

Send surveys to your employees, which
can be completed online or offline

Communicate with staff

Send push notifications, request
reports from employees/teams

All data submitted using Akida includes GPS location, photos, audio & date/time info

Upay is a robust, customizable & user-friendly human resource, attendance & payroll platform

Upay Overview

Upay HR

Create & manage staff digital files
Issue, recover charges & maintain disciplinary records
Manage leave applications & approvals, Individual & group training & performance appraisal
Generate reports including staff profiles,
establishment, workforce, leave, labour budget etc

Upay Attendance

Manages attendance records from both mobile & fixed locations
Mobile & decentralized staff check-in remotely using Akida
Integrates with biometrics in fixed locations
Provides customized attendance & exception reports

Upay Payroll

Robust, easy to manage (bulk posting) & process large records in an unbelievably short time
Processing by pay areas, piece rate or employment type for both variable & fixed payments
Standard & statutory reports including payslips, NSSF, NHIF, PAYE, JV, P9A, P10 & bank (EFT formats)


We work closely with our clients to understand their pain points in order to design solutions that meet their specific requirements.

  • 2011-2012

    Our Humble Beginnings

    We developed, Uguard, a mobile app to address challenges of mobile & decentralized staff initially within the Security sector in Kenya, characterized by costly motorized supervision & paper based attendance recording.Uguard could not function without a supporting HR database to interface with; with support & feedback from our clients, we developed Upay to address this challenge.

  • 2013 - Todate

    Transition to Full Service

    With increasing diversity of our target clients, we renamed Uguard initially named with security guards in mind to Akida, a swahili name for supervisor. We began rolling it out Akida in one of our client's operations in Nigeria & later on to other countries including Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda & the UK (Bournemouth).

Our Clients

Our customers span 6 countries in Africa and Europe across various industries. This is how some of them are using our solutions:


Vehicle Assembly

KVM, the best vehicle manufacturers in Eastern Africa, uses Upay to manage their HR & Payroll processes (for both permanent & piece work staff).
Upay saves time & money by eliminating error - prone manual recording & ghost workers


Experiential Marketing

EXP, Africa’s largest experiential marketing company, uses Akida to confirm locations & collect survey data from their field marketers across 5 countries. Akida gives EXP a competitive advantage by providing real-time insights from field staff


International NGO

Macheo Children's Centre supports over 14,000 underserved individuals across programs in education, health & family empowerment. Akida helps Macheo make real-time decisions on whom & when to enrol in their programs & to measure impact

Other Clients Include:

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